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Once a famous launderers’ stream, ‘Dho’eb Ko’l’ in Pulwama is now a filthy drain

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Pulwama, July 03: As Kashmir continues to lose its treasure of water resources to the official neglect and apathy of its own people, the famous ‘Dho’eb Ko’l’ that flows through bus stand Pulwama to Murran Chowk here, has been literally turned into a filthy drain.

The stream known as ‘Dho’eb Ko’l’ (washermen’s stream) used to be the source of income for nearly four dozen households engaged with laundry business, but with the passage of time, the stream has been turned into a trash bin.

According to the senior residents in Pulwama, ‘Dho’eb Ko’l’ once used to add to the scenic beauty of Pulwama town as its clean water reflecting light bluish colour would attract the visitors.

“Now with the main road running parallel to the stream and the construction of shops on its other side, the stream has become filthy to the eyes, leave alone someone sitting near to it,” they added.

Talking to Kashmir Images, Bilal Ahmad, a local whose father was one of the launderer who would wash clothes at the stream said, “The stream was immensely attractive during my childhood as we used to enjoy bathing and swimming in it and the water of the stream was used for drinking purposes in each and every household here.”

“The pathetic condition of the stream is visible to all of us. With the stream rarely being cleaned it looks like a waste dump site and the authorities are turning a blind eye to the same,” said Bilal.

“The shopkeepers whose shops are located on the bank of the stream are also responsible for its deterioration as they can be seen dumping waste in the stream,” he added.

Another local resident while holding Auqaf Committee Pulwama and shopkeepers responsible for the messy condition of the stream said, “In the recent past, the funds were allotted for the development of stream but not a penny was invested for the same, because some people are halting the development process as their shops have encroached the stream area.”

The Pulwama Traders President, Nisar Ahmad, said, “94 lac rupees were released for the beautification and development of the stream but the stream is still lying in ruins. The illegal construction on the banks of the stream has to be demolished first only then the condition of the stream can be improved.”

When contacted Executive Officer Municipal Committee Pulwama, Mustaq Ahamad, said that they have already launched a cleanness drive for the stream.

“Our duty is to remove polythene and other garbage from it and we are doing it after every three to four days. It (Dho’eb Ko’l) is an irrigation channel and locals should contact irrigation department for its further development,” he added.

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