Experiences of an Adhoc Lecturer- A way forward

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The present system of our education is presenting a gloomy picture from inception to its end. The cumbersome issues which confront us to change the nemesis of this shabby affair are many which I would like to address.

The obstinate disposition of our heads, their lack of accommodative row and bereft to use cyclic behaviour to redress the concerns of their personnel is much of a concern to equalize. Cooperation, coordination and humanistic relations between the head and his staff are precondition to bring efficiency and quality in an academic standard. These are essential tools through we can increase the morale and motivation of an employee and his other subordinate staff. Bottom up approach has been recommended by the HR scholars eagerly and highlighted it an effective and efficient organisational procedure.

But unfortunately this sacred thread is currently missing in our institutions. Nevertheless, talking about my working place things are little different from the rest. Our boss is sprightly strict in maintaining discipline and punctuality in our college. However, the line which needs to rectify is to reduce the gaps in between the higher ups and the lower rugs. Joint nexus is the only way-out to leap forward for progressive organisational values.

I being an Adhoc lecturer do enjoy the first year of my teaching experience at higher level. It gives me soothing pleasure to deliver the best of my knowledge in beautifully painted classrooms of GDC Uttersoo. Teaching is not an easy job, it not only requires degrees and experience, but it also requires art which is of much eminence. This college is remotely located, in fact I’m the next door neighbour of this blossoming college luckily got an opportunity to serve my own people which conceivably gives satisfaction and relief. Demographically Shangus constituency is inhabited by socially and economically backward sections and are devoid of resources and riches, consequently this college serves the purpose for the poor masses. It rightly passes on accessible and cost effective education at the door steps. Major part of valley’s population is living in upper reaches and in tougher terrains therefore having difficult access towards the main towns, same is true with the far-flung areas of GDC Uttersoo. Credit goes to the government for establishing these rural colleges to retain the education of destitute and poor people at higher level.

Students studying in these remotely located colleges are not bereft of potential rather they are devoid of right guidance. Proper backup and little bit of motivating lectures for them can bring laurels for the entire locality. The problems of our students are many but in general they lack comprehension of the textual passages. They are facing language jinx, we must try to develop their vocabulary, English grammar et.al. I’m deeply concerned for this kind lacking among our college students. It is in fact the laxity on the part of our school education, where the teachers are not genuinely working to raise the standard of our school going children. We as a team should shoulder this problem to boost their quality at their early stage so that there would be less failures and backlogs in our annual results.

Teachers have responsibility to relish the moments of their class work through proper lesson planning to achieve their set objectives. We should not teach them from the teacher’s perspective but from the students perspective; relying upon the eclectic approach would be an ideal way to enrich students with long term wisdom. Not only teachers are responsible for these unsatisfactory outcomes but the students are also showing least concern for their studies largely the rural ones. This is the age of internet where everything is just a one touch away from our simple smart touch. We should use it for our educative purposes instead of mishandling it for baneful acts.

At higher level both the permanent and the academic arrangement faculty should develop cordial relations with each other. Illogical dichotomy and segregated staff rooms between permanent and Adhoc teachers is bound to decrease the morale of an Adhoc teacher. It surely will develop a negative feeling of alienation that in way affects the learning culture. Including the Adhoc faculty in overall college development activities is an idyllic framework to delegate some authority to the Adhoc staff as well; as a result they can also the sense some responsibility apart from teaching subject matter. It is applicable to mention that GDC Uttersoo has operated this system nicely by utilizing the available highly qualified human resource for thinking and other correlated developmental activities for the overall welfare of students. I also got the opportunity to be the member of more than five such committees; this inclusion keeps the confidence of personnel up. The permanent faculty of our college seems perfect and delightful example to work as a team for the overall development of this nascent institution. Our NSS wing, EVS department et al. are exploring the heights of popularity in organising awareness and cleanliness drive campaigns in the vicinity. Being a liberal humanist I got suffocated due the bemoan approach of our gatekeepers who for minor faults stop the students in entering the college to attend their classes, who usually come from far off places. Just for five minute late arrival or off colour shoes you can’t stop their day’s classes which for me are more crucial than their shoes.

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(The writer is presently working at Govt. Degree College Uttersoo, as an Adhoc Lecturer in History)

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