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Hashtag: Talk to Me, I am Human

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By: Sankarshan Thakur

But will you? Are you willing? Do you wish to? What about? Should I be afraid? Should I be pleased? Should I be apprehensive about it or should I await it? Your talking to me? What will you tell me? What will you ask? Will you ask after me? How I am? What may I need? What may make me feel a little better in this churning chaos of a world that we have been flung into the vortex of? Will you talk to me about good things or ghastly things? Will you ask me how can we make all or any of this better or will you tell me I am the reason all of this is not good or better and tell me I am the correction required? Am I afraid that you will talk to me? Should I be afraid you will come talk to me? Should I take precautions? But what precautions can I take? Can I plead I am eighty, please spare me? Can I plead I have done nothing wrong? Can I plead this is how I dress? Can I plead this is how I pray? Can I plead this is what I eat? Can I plead this is my given name? Can I plead I am one of us? But before all of that, will you tell me who you are? Or is that your right? Will you begin to ask? Are you Ech? Are you Em? Are you Ess? Are you Cee ? Are you Jay? Are you Bee? Are you Joo? Joo? Oh are you? So how does it feel? To be any or one or many of such people? Do you feel human? Do you feel a being? Do you have skin? It is meant to feel, but is it so thick it cannot? Do you have eyes? Are you able to see? Clearly? Right from Wrong? Do you have a nose? Do you have ears? Do you have limbs? Hands? Fingers? What do you do with them? A mouth? What do you do with it? A back? A backbone? A neck? A stomach? Lungs? Ribs? Kidneys? Intestines? A head? Does it allow you to think? Do you allow it to think? Do you have a heart? Or are you heartless? Does it bleed? Or is that something you do unto others? Bleed them? Are you God? Do you know God? Which God are you? The greater God or the Lesser God? A touchable God and an untouchable God? Do you believe there are many Gods or only one? Do you know how many there are? Can you show us where? Can you provide a manifest of Gods? Names, addresses, age, special qualities, interests, etc. etc.? So it would help us discriminate and choose which God fits our interests best? Is your God up for election? Is he campaigning somewhere against some other God? Names and manifestos please? So we can make a choice? You know we are a democracy, and a welfare democracy? Do you know we have choice? Many choices? Does God need your protection? Does God need you to build a house for him? Does your God not have one? Does your God tell you to build one for him? Does your God tell you to kill if that is required? What does your God tell you, if anything? Does your God tell you to pounce upon His creation because of what he or she eats or drinks or wears or believes? Or does not believe? Do you listen to your God? Are you part of a mob? Do you kill your fellow humans? Do you disparage and threaten them? Do you abuse them and bully them? Have you killed them? Which God told you to do that? Can you name such a God? Are you in danger? Can your God not protect you if you are? Are you the danger? Are you the mob? Are you lynching? Are you the lynched? What did you do to be lynched? And what drove you to lynch? Was that God’s command? Will you name that God? Can you produce the sanction of God? Or is lynching a matter of your faith? What faith is it? Will you please name that faith? Or are you above question?

Are you Mahadeb, by any chance?

And, by the way, Mahadeb, where are you? Should we not ask? Should we not tire of asking? Where are you, Mahadeb? You who used to call yourself Indian? Bharatiya? Jinhen naaz hai Hind par woh kahan hain? Are they lost? Are they trapped in a haze of not knowing what is right and what is wrong? Of not knowing what to do? Have they become nameless people? Where are the Indians? Who believed in God and crores of them and just let the other believers in other Gods be? Have they gone so far as to be lost? So lost as to no longer recognise what it is to be Indian? Or to be human? So removed from the gift of insaaniyat that one may be sadly prompted to say:

Tuu Hindu banega

Naa Musalmaan banega

Haiwaan ki aulaad hai

Haiwaan banega.

Courtesy www.telegraphindia.com

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