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Ram temple construction in fully legal way may begin by year end: VHP

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New Delhi, July 5 :  Vishwa Hindu Parishad working president Alok Kumar today hoped that the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya would begin by the year end in a legal and constitutional manner overcoming all statutory roadblocks.

“It is expected that the Supreme Court will begin the hearing on Ram janambhoomi  dispute on a day-to-day basis …and if it happens, the final order may come by the September end,” Kumar told PTI-Bhasha today.

He said the hearing in the case will begin from July 6 and the things might be clear to some extent by the month end.

He said if the hearing does not proceed as expected due to some reasons, the VHP will go to the ‘sant samaj’ (seers) and seek their guidance “for the future course of action” on the issue.

Asked about the reasons of his optimism over beginning of the construction of Ram Lalla’s temple by year end, he said, “I believe the law is on our side.

“And that’s why I have been repeatedly saying that the Supreme Court must hear the case on a day-to-day basis and deliver its verdict at the earliest.”

He reiterated his optimism saying “I’m sure the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya would begin by the year end in a legal and constitutional manner overcoming all impediments.”

Asked about the eventuality of the apex court giving an unfavourable verdict on the issue, he said, “I have already said that legally we are in strong position… and at the end, the seers will decide our future course of action.”

Asked what if the apex court does not hear the the matter on day-to-day basis, he said in that case, the VHP would go to the parliamentarians to seek enactment of a law to facilitate the early construction of the Ram Lalla temple in Ayodhya.

“The construction of the Ram Lalla temple is inevitable now,” he said.

“The issue of temple is not aimed at achieving political mileage but it’s a question of the faith of millions of Hindus. It would be better for the country that the apex court hears and decide the matter expeditiously,” he reiterated.

The VHP’s working president said, “We have seen the apex court hearing the matters, appearing important to it, even at mid nights. We expect the judiciary to discharge its duty.”

On a poser about various activities of the VHP, Kumar said the organisation has been working “tirelessly” since its inception in 1964 for the welfare of society.

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