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BJP’s decision to exit J&K govt aimed at mobilizing Hindu sentiments: CPI(M)

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‘BJP to sacrifice Kashmiri people for its narrow sectarian interests’

New Delhi, Jun 28 :  The CPI(M) today alleged that the BJP’s decision to pull out from the ruling alliance in Jammu and Kashmir was a “conscious” political move to mobilise Hindu sentiments in the country for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Accusing the BJP of damaging national unity and security by alienating Kashmiris, CPI(M)’s former general secretary Prakash Karat in an editorial in party organ ‘Peoples’ Democracy’ alleged the ruling party was driving hundreds of youths to militancy.

“The BJP’s decision to bring down the government is a conscious political move keeping in mind the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019,” Karat alleged.

“The BJP is going to target the Kashmiris as anti-national and harbourers of terrorists. For the BJP, Kashmir is expendable for the larger design of mobilising Hindu sentiments around the country,” he alleged.

He alleged that the BJP wanted to project a communal campaign that while it sought to suppress “terrorism” and protect national security, it was thwarted in its effort by the PDP and the Kashmiri Muslims, “who were soft on terrorism and Pakistan”.

The Left leader also called upon the democratic and secular forces to demand a political dialogue in Jammu and Kashmir, stating that was the only way forward.

“The BJP cannot be allowed to sacrifice the Kashmiri people for its narrow sectarian interests,” Karat alleged.

He said a campaign to expose the “divisive” game of the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir must be organised all over the country.

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