Lal Singh should be booked

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Former minister and BJP’s sitting MLA, Lal Singh’s warning to Kashmir media to ‘behave or face the fate of Shujaat Bukhari” has attracted wide criticism and condemnation from almost all media organization from Kashmir ad also rest of India. However, the authorities have, as usual, decided to play blind and mute by not taking any cognizance of the protests by media bodies. It goes without saying that when a sitting MLA of a political party that rules the country makes such a statement, the police that claims to be investigating senior journalist, Syed Shujaat Bukhari’s murder, should have suo motto taken the action and questioned the MLA who hints at having some knowledge about the murder. By saying that if Kashmiri journalists don’t “draw line” they will meet the fate that late Bukhari met with, the MLA is unambiguously confessing that he has some information why Bukhari was killed. The media in Kashmir is still under shock and confronting a big question that who killed Bukhari and why. Police still seems clueless both about who and why. And this MLA, atleast, seems knowing the “WHY”. So shouldn’t he be questioned by police if it really wants to resolve the murder mystery of Bukhari.

That said, somebody need to tell this BJP MLA that media in Kashmir doesn’t need any sermons by people like him who for the sake of their political interests shamelessly sided with the accused rapists and murderers of a minor girl in a Kathua village. His actions even embarrassed his own party which ultimately kicked him out from the council of ministers. And even after being kicked out, he has shamelessly been siding with the accused and has been doing anything and everything to polarize the situation in Jammu region along communal lines. Interestingly his party BJP’s criminal silence emboldens this man who now seems to have gone complete nuts and has started issuing open threats to Kashmir media. It goes without saying that from past several years, the media in entire India has been under constant threats by erstwhile fringe elements who are now much more powerful than the mainstream. Regrettably  the BJP leadership has decided to watch as mute spectators for reasons better known to it. Lal Singh is not the only BJP man who has been making poisonous statements aimed at spreading hatred. There are so many BJP leaders all over the country who indulge in such actions and the party has never bothered to rein in these elements. This unhealthy and ugly trend is dangerous for the country. When the political leadership starts threatening the media, the watchdog, the democracy starts dying a slow death. And if country’s present leadership has a bit faith in democracy, it should wake up and shut the mouths of all Lal Singh’s.

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