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Kashmiri writer pens two novels on world conflicts

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Srinagar June 18, 2018: Naveed Qazi, a Kashmiri writer, recently released a novel ‘The Trader of War Stories’ and an anthology of political essays titled ‘Musings on Global Politics’.

Naveed lives in Baghi Mehtab, a suburb, seven kilometers away from city center Lal Chowk. He did his schooling in Burn Hall and Tyndale Biscoe after which he completed B.Com from Islamic College Srinagar and further went to pursue his Masters in International Business in England from the University of Hertfordshire.

Talking to Kashmir Images Naveed says that during his school days he would listen to debates, discussions, besides lending books from the library for his overall development.

“It was during my school days that I got inclined to English literature,” says Naveed.

“Since the book launch, my friends are very excited about seeing the review of my book on a magazine or a newspaper,” says Naveed. “They want me to write more books, especially on Kashmir.”

“In March this years, during the book launch, around forty people including several luminaries were present among the audience,” he says. “The debate proved to be constructive and worthwhile. Pertinent questions were asked during the event.”

Naveed’s debut novel ’The Trader of War Stories’ is a fictional memoir of a war correspondent. There are around ten to eleven conflict zones mentioned in the plot.

“The reader will almost feel as if he/she is reading an autobiography,” Naveed told Kashmir Images. “Family aloofness and daily life struggles also form the crux of my book, besides the assignments in the war fields.”

For a year or so, Naveed devoted his time in complete solitude in order to enhance an impactful narrative.

“I read around seventeen to eighteen books and researched religiously on the internet. My laptop became my best friend,” says Naveed.

Naveed believes that crafting lyrical sentences has become very important in today’s time. “We the writers call it prose poetry and I am comfortable with this scheme.”

Naveed claims that there is a strong sense of nostalgia and tragedies ruminated in his characters.

“Kashmiri literature has been in some sort of renaissance, but at the same time there are many underrated writers who don’t get the deserved appreciation for their work. Sometimes, these writers encounter harsh and unwarranted criticisms.  But still, many young Kashmiri writers have been brave enough in writing their stories,” says Naveed.

“I feel happy when my fellow Kashmiris devote time in writing,” Says Naveed. “Kashmir is in need of more storytellers. Our literature is in its infancy stage.”

The anthology ‘Musings on Global Politics’ (2018) contains pieces about recent changes in South Asia such as Balochistan conflict and Kashmir conflict followed by changes in Latin America such as the recent post-Honduran election protests, Venezuelan public revolts and peace deal with FARC rebels.

“The political essays of my anthology are important political developments,” says Naveed. “I don’t see a reason as why a Kashmiri should not read or write about global scenarios of politics. Becoming too much Kashmir centric will not benefit us, as long as we come to understand the external factors associated with our region.”

Naveed further states that topics on European politics are also covered in his book such as Italy’s refugee problem, Greek debt crises, recently concluded elections in France and Germany and political aspirations of Catalans.

The anthology is also filled with research-intensive pieces on the Syrian, Libyan and Yemeni conflicts followed by its reactions coming from Saudi Arabia and Iran.

“The pieces on Middle East are ruminative of current times and form the crux of the anthology,” says Naveed. “My anthology is a collection of my selected op-eds and unpublished essays that I wrote since a span of six to eight years.”



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