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VOX POPULI: Use and misuse of social media in Kashmir

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                                          Illustration By:S.Tariq

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and socialize. With billions of users, there are a number of social media platforms. Misuse of social media has become rampant nowadays, especially in conflict zones like Kashmir.

Idrees Ali of ‘Kashmir Images’ talked to some neitizens in order to know what is their opinion regarding the use and misuse of social media in Kashmir?


Abid, Journalism Student

Social media no wonder has changed the whole discourse of socializing with the friends, family & world which is a positive aspect of its advent. But, it has also given birth to several perversions, be it rumors mongering, fake news, privacy altercation and character assassination and trolling. We need to check the excessive use of it and spend our precious time productively.

Shams-U-Din, Employee 

Social media had become a tool for propaganda. It has become the convenient medium for waging psychological warfare. Everyday false messages are spread on social media with the intent to create discord among people of Kashmir.

Sheikh Anees,Journalist 

Social media is used to divide people. Kashmir being a Muslim majority region has many schools of thought. Some fringe elements from various schools of thought demean each other on social media. It creates a wedge in the society.


Baig Irshad ,Media Practitioner 

In Kashmir, it depends on what side of line one is. What is misuse of social media is for can be its use for other. For instance, militants are using Social Media to garner support and on the other hand security establishment term it misuse and social media radicalization.

Wasim Rasool, Assistant Accountant 

I think Rumor mongering is one of big misuses of social media. Sometimes rumors spread like a fire on social media and in Kashmir it can cause widespread violence. We should verify messages, videos before sharing it on Social Media.


MC Ishfaq, Rapper 

In conflict zones like Kashmir social media can be dangerous sometimes. Most people tend to rely on social media for the information. Recently, a female Photojournalist was labeled as informer and it went viral on social media.

Maleeha Irshad,Mass communication student

Social Media has become indispensable part of our life but most people especially youth overuse it. We tend to rely on social media for getting all the information. We tend to believe everything on social media. People often post and share nonsense things and often forward fake messages.

Tasir Khan,Freelance Journalist 

Social networking site Facebook has played both negative as well as positive role in Kashmir conflict, from the angle of positivity; it has highlighted gruesome human rights violations of conflict-ridden Kashmir. Whereas the negative part of the Facebook is that it is most efficient tool for miscreants to spread rumors, especially in relation to our valley. Many fake pages haven been created on this social networking site for disturbing peace.

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