Mushtaque B Barq

Nurture your relation

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What if she is not compared with the moon?

and he not with the glimmering sun,

shall the clock on the wall stop ticking?

or the rainbow after a shower break its bow,

better is to be what one is capable of

than to be what he is not.

A new spring of deliberation burst forth in the vacant desert of perturbed remote.  This development to many surfaced as a spirit to infuse into the men the very vim and vigor. And to few just a random thought after getting roughed up with aggravations. Whatever be the response, we shall no way deny any group, for everyone thinks what he is capable of. At least what we expect is response and a bad excuse is better than none. The idea that got its first flight was in a way a presumption. What if wives are wiser? Wellto be on safer side gardens are not made by sitting in the shade. They are wiser I agree and the wisest among them are hard to find (on the lighter note) at times and their counterparts live in utopia or at least they end up thinking that they are the matchless citizens of dreamland. The idealism of this kind seems but a projection of masculine merit. To obey fancies of this sort, one has to fold the wings that propel pragmatism. Practical presence on the other hand serves better than virtual presence. Men might think of power to control their counterparts, but women too possess a binding force that encourages overall growth. The question, who is wiser, depends upon who knows the art of entrammeling the iron when it is hot. The altercation may go on to claim superiority, but what remains to be seen is how well one manages self-conceit arrogance of his counterpart. Defending a cause may need a preferred tissue with more adipose deposited to satiate the requirements of the knife. The one who stands for it writes the best script of his endurance. And the one who derives pleasure out of sacrifice is a sadist of the first rate. His negligence too writes a drafts a tale but with a flawed plot and poor insight.

Claim nay if ye carry

guts not to put up with pain

for care is oozing life serum

in free, not to kill time

to see others on table readily available

to puncture the pulse.

What eggs on fissure in family is just a thought, just a passing remark or just a casual aside. This disgusting nudity of off-putting someone leaves pretty slender chances to extend trust. They say trust is just like a raw thread more fragile than a gush of wind. The strength of this thread is unimaginable yet its delicacy is hard to handle. What waxes this thread is love. Love finds a place not only in the relations of man and God but also of man to man. The stiffness of this kind is enough to persuade transmogrification of a mortal frame into immortal attributes. Adding a quality, things enter into the sphere of existence and become more active. God does not predestinate human action, but a man has freewill and he is accountable for his own action and that makes him different from angels. Angels are deprived of freewill hence they don’t sin. It is we who have chosen to live with freewill therefore we are accountable for our deeds. Administrating eminencein a character makes it pulsating, exhausting a quality leaves it dead to feed vultures in a desert. Great men reveals: The world is supported by four things only: The learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the religious and the valour of the brave. Keeping the above into consideration, one has before him a portal where from he can gain entry into the holy city where his virtues will be rewarded. Ramanuja’s philosophy recognised a god with good attributes and inculcates His worship with faith and devotion. He exhibits a desire to open the portal of religion to the classes which he had so far been shut out of it.

What binds a plank with its own kind?

Not the skill of learned carpenter,

not even the adhesive applied into crevices

but alone letting the drill to dig deep

to rip off a layer like a womb of a mother

ready to be a sport of surgeon

taking the babe and stitching it harshly,

what allows the knife to cut across the belly

not the need of mother, but the life of baby.

Let the fresh wind toss the old curtains, let the fragrance reach to our cozy rooms and let us wide open the windows held tight by unnecessary nails reaching to the beams supporting them. Relations like soil, nurse it, convert it into a fabulous garden, have luxury of roses around, let the birds and butterflies wander freely. It requires efforts indeed but the fruit of your own garden can surpass any genetically modified fruit freely available in the market.

Let our own apple be the apple of eye

Not to lure our buds by custom to buy.


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