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Tin, nickel slip on subdued demand

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Mumbai, May 21 (PTI) Tin, nickel and brass utensils scrap today slipped at the non-ferrous metals market following stockists’ selling amid subdued demand from alloy industries.

On the other hand, copper gained further owing to rising demand from industrial users.

Tin eased by Rs 8 per kg to Rs 1,502 from last Saturday’s closing level of Rs 1,510 and nickel moved down by Rs 5 per kg to Rs 1,020 as against Rs 1,025.

Brass utensils scrap softened by a rupee per kg to Rs 346.

However, copper cable scrap, copper billets and copper

sheet cuttings rose by Rs 3 per kg each to Rs 483, Rs 511 and Rs 471 as against Rs 480, Rs 508 and Rs 468, respectively.

Copper armature edged up by Rs 2 per kg to Rs 473 from Rs 471, previously.

Copper scrap heavy and copper utensils inched up by a rupee per kg each to Rs 477 and Rs 447, respectively.

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