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Vox Populi: Exemption of women from stamp duty : Women empowerment?

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                                      Illustration By: S.Tariq

 Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on May, 11 abolished the stamp duty on the transfer of property for the women in Jammu & Kashmir.

Mehbooba Mufti, who is the first woman Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, took to twitter announcing the measure for women’s welfare and empowerment. “Pleased to announce that we have abolished stamp duty on the sale of property registered in the name of females. This incentive will encourage families to register their properties in the name of their sisters, daughters, wives & mothers,” wrote Mehbooba.

The Cabinet on Friday approved to levy a stamp duty of 5% for buyers in urban areas and 3% in rural areas. “However, it is zero percent if the property in both urban as well as rural areas is registered in the name of a female member of the family,” reads the Cabinet decision, approved by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on May, 11.

 Kashmir Images reporterUFAQ FATIMA talked to many women, and few men to know their perspective of women empowerment and if the abolishment of “stamp duty” speaks about it.

Shehnaz Khan, Student

 The right to equality is not an easy right to ensure and enforce. Women empowerment has to be about building her ability to seize an opportunity in education, employment or in any other field. It has to be about minimizing the inherent disadvantages which stand in her way.

The women empowerment does not need doles and handouts it needs interventions and the Government has recognized the thing by exempting women from property tax. It’s a good step and I hope the government will also initiate measures to abolish limitations that have been imposed on the womenfolk, be it on social or economical level.


Sanna Mattoo, Photojournalist

Though numerous issues related to women still exist in our society, ranging from cultural, political and economics. At the same time, the decision of government to exempt women from stamp duty will prove to be a stepping stone as far as empowerment of women is considered.

When women are empowered economically it opens a world of opportunities for them.

Iram Malik, Artist

The government has made the right decision to empower women. Women can buy property and ensure their economic empowerment.

Meanwhile, the government should not let the people to manipulate this right of women that is to say that in order to escape the stamp duty, men can buy the property in women’s name.

 Sidra Nazir, Teacher

With this historic decision of government, the government has not only empowered us but has also ensured a place for the women in the margins of earning properties.

Finally, the decision will put an end to the dominance of men over owing of properties.


Imtiyaz Pandow, Freelance Journalist

The decision taken by the Jammu and Kashmir government seems to be a very positive move for empowering women. This tax waiving decision of government may not be enough to empower women but this is definitely a great start in process of women empowerment and equal rights.


 Mohammad Shadaab, Engineer

 If we will see the Islamic perspective, women should be given a due share of properties but it is our society that has snatched this right of women. We can hope for a change now. Now, if the right of property is allotted to women just for the sake of avoiding tax, this makes her empowered and will definitely add to her financial security.



Muzamil Ahmad, Student

It is a good step for raising the status of women in the society but to ensure a secure and favourable environment for the females where they can buy properties the women should be saved from discrimination and harassment.






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