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Perpetrators in seven of 10 cases of sexual abuses known to victim: Sitharaman

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New Delhi, May 7 :  Expressing concern about the increased incidents of sexual abuses against minors, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today pushed for change in how families brought up their sons and said perpetrators are known to the victim in seven of 10 cases.

Calling for a change in mindset, she said law agencies need to be more proactive but alone cannot stop incidents of rape.

“Out of every 10 such incidents, seven are committed by people who know the victim– relative, friends, neighbour. Law enforcement agencies need to be far more proactive, I concede all that,” the minister said at an event organised by industry lobby FICCI.

“We will have to reform the police, we will have to see women’s legislation are taken up actively and so on. But above all, in any country for that matter, what are the efforts that can be done by an external agency when you have known people absolutely violating women,” she added.

Sitharaman termed “ridiculous” the views of those who cite dress as the reason for rape. If that were to matter, why would elderly women and toddlers be sexually abused, she asked.

“So I am trying to push the argument that a lot is upon us in terms of the mindsets with which boys are brought up in our families,” the minister said.

She drew attention to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the Red Fort where he said people were extremely cautious when it came to girls, the time they should return home and who they were going out with and stressed that “equal advice is required for our boys too”.

The government had last month cleared an ordinance to introduce capital punishment for child rapists.

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