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PDP asks India, Pakistan to take cue from Koreas and realize futility of hostility, confrontation

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Srinagar, Apr 29: Claiming that the global trend for peace and reconciliation augurs well for problem-resolution, PDP vice-president Sartaj Madni today expressed hope that winds of change will reach the region sooner than later.

Addressing a public gathering in Banihal, Madni hailed leaders of North and South Korea for positive shift from intransigence and hostility to bonhomie and cooperation.

According to a party press release issued here, Madni said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recongnition of China as a useful neighbour is another good development which should help in getting together of big powers for strengthening peace moves.

Madni said that India and Pakistan need to thrive under the emerging scenario which dictates necessity to understand value of engagement for a just world order. He said that Kashmir has suffered the worst as and when the two countries indulged in kind of one upmanship in scant regard for shared history and neighbourhood.

According to the press release, Madni said wars and conflicts are entailing unimaginable suffering and devastations in various parts of the world. “Nations and humanity are in stress. But this scenario cannot last long as urge for peace ultimately prevails.”

He said PDP’s “visionary leader” Mufi Muhammad Sayeed was strong protagonist of conflict resolution through dialogue and reconciliation.

“He was a votary of cooperative politics and believed in coexistence. He facilitated people to people dialogue and invited Atal Bihari Vajpayee to send his message of peace from Kashmir soil and trusted sincerity of Vajpayee in pursuing mission of peace,” Madni said.

He said those were the days when India and Pakistan witnessed calm and development and people reposed faith in institutions of public service.

“PDP continues to follow its mentor and expects that political leadership of India and Pakistan will realise futility of hostility and confrontation and orient the establishment for a renewed narrative for peace and resolution.”

He said it is a good omen that India and China are coming closer with a motive to use huge manpower and resource for human development and friendly global environment.

He exuded confidence that new discourse will shape new relationships where Jammu and Kashmir will find a place to claim fair treatment.  Madni assured the gathering that PDP will play crucial role as promised.

He said that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti is leading the alliance with BJP with an “avowed objective of keeping the state together and create a culture of harmony in three regions.”

He said Congress has been feeling uneasy ever-since this alliance too shape and some of its leaders have been hatching conspiracies to foment trouble on regional and communal lines.

He appreciated role of the people of Jammu who do not fall victim to such conspiracies.

R&B Minister Nayeem Akhtar also addressed the gathering and stressed that the government is doing taking all the measures in underdeveloped areas of the state so that they can keep pace with the development.

“The government has taken various initiatives to ensure development in all three regions of the state. We have taken up major road projects in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh to uplift the road infrastructure in the state,” he added.

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