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Cong rally to mourn one family’s loss of power: Shah

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New Delhi, Apr 29 : Hitting out at the Congress over its ‘Jan Akrosh’ rally, BJP president Amit Shah today said it was in fact a ‘Parivar Akrosh’ rally that highlights increasing irrelevance of a “dynasty and their courtiers”, who have been sent out of power from one state after another in elections.

The Congress organised a ‘Jan Akrosh’ rally in the national capital today to highlight “failures” of the Modi government.

In a series of tweets,  Shah took a dig at Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and hoped that Gandhi would apologise to the nation for his party’s efforts to trample over every possible institution in the country just because of its “power hungry” nature.

The country is tired of these “negative” and “arm twisting” tactics of the Congress, he said.

During the rally, Shah said, “abject India-hatred” would be on display as the Congress cannot digest that 125 crore Indians have seen through their “anti-development and highly divisive politics” and it efforts to create divisions are fully exposed.

“A dynasty and their courtiers, who were sent out of state after state by ‘Jan Aadesh’ now pretend to represent ‘Jan Akrosh.’

Today’s Congress rally is nothing but a ‘Parivar Akrosh Rally’ which highlights their increasing irrelevance,” he said.

If the Congress wants to see ‘Jan Akrosh’ (people’s anger), they should see the results of election after election, where it has been comprehensively defeated across the length and breadth of India, he said.

“People are not tolerating Congress’ lies, empty promises, corruption and communalism,” he said.

“If the Congress really wants to know why there is ‘Jan Akrosh’, they should answer why did they disallow Parliament to function and why it has prevented the formation of an OBC commission that gives justice to backward sections,” Shah said.

The BJP president also posted the link of a story, which said all villages in the country have now been electrified, and claimed that while the entire nation is celebrating power for every single village, the Congress is “mourning” the loss of power for one family.

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