Expecting ‘education’ to be apolitical is a flawed idea  

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While majority of the people especially the ones constituting the Intellectual Class, have resorted to censorious criticism of students for flooding the streets in demand of justice by terming it as absolute “Hooliganism” and “Rowdyism”- to me, it signifies a great sense of responsibility and reasonableness, as the youth have realized their responsibilities to raise voice against injustice. Though every act by students, particularly those acts involving violence and rioting, cannot be justified but students have and must raise their voice and register their protests against all atrocities and violations.

This is, at least, a generation that has now defined itself by amplifying their voices and by presenting a new template for meaningful protests. Education is not only about knowledge acquired by reading school textbooks but also about interpretation of moral and ethical dimensions of a given society. It is about taking nothing for granted and about challenging assumptions and suppositions. It is about standing for truth and justice and about making the world a better place.

James Baldwin, embedded in his imperative, “To illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through vast forests, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is, after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place.”

The Student Community is the most sensitive section of a society, particularly in this turmoil struck Valley. The prevailing situation has made the youth of Kashmir persistent, bearing stones in hands, and there’s not even a tinge of fear in their eyes , though very well aware of the consequences it can lead them to.

It also manifests the cock and bull story of Hyper nationalist Indian Media of dubbing the Kashmiri Protesters as ignorant and unlettered. Well, the naked truth is present in front of everyone. The youth who have brimmed over the streets are not  “Terrorists”  or “Guerillas” but are teensy school going children who have been compelled by the prevailing situation and the series of heinous crimes taking place in the valley to resort to different sorts of violent protests.

Resistance is the part of our education but don’t forget Education is imperative in our Resistance.So, turn back to your classes now because there still lies a lot on your plate and we need to safeguard and preserve our youth for future accomplishments.

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