Shahid Majeed Mir

Kathua Case a telling example of fanaticism and criminality

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Societies thrive on certain distinguished attributes which are evolved during the course of histories and are common and aren’t bound by religion, race, caste, sex or any other barriers. These attributes are common heritage of mankind and are of immense significance, for they distinguish us from wild animals.

Aristotle maintained ‘Man is a social animal’ and the theorists as well as political thinkers have decoded this in various hues and shades. Society looks after needs of social participants, it provides them care and nourishment and the principles that govern them if violated attract social boycott. Those members are punished as per set norms and rules.

It thus refers to the evolutionary makeup of society which is based on well set rules and regulations for harmonious functioning. When acts by human that would put even wild beats to shame are committed in so called scientific age, one wonders what has remained of humanity and dignity.

21st century is overstated as the rational age of humanity where individual right and dignity is put higher to all other things. But the horrific crimes against humanity especially molestation of women and the alarming number of such cases is a shocking reality one cannot ignore.

By now everyone knows the horrific details of the  minor girl-Asifa Jan’s rape an murder- it must act as an eye opener for all to see how lust and greed can be detrimental to norms of humanity and how religion and caste can cause one to do the horrendous acts that would put wild beasts to shame!

On the one side of Kathua episode the Police after taking cognizance of matter came under doubt due to some of cops were alleged to be involved in the crime. After this Government ordered Crime Branch investigation which came up with a shocking charge sheet, the details of which made everyone to hang his head in shame. Nearly all media, national as well as international, took up the issue and highlighted the horrific details with regard to this gruesome rape and murder.

‘Hindu Ekta Munch’ staged protests in order to try and force the authorities to shift case to CBI and raised doubts about Crime Branch investigation. Herein the Representatives of people and the Democratically Elected Cabinet Ministers also came under the radar for their appeasement of the Manch and its demands.

Another huge disgrace was the lawyers or Jammu Bar Association who also took to streets and did their best to polarize the society and chanted ‘Jai Shri Raman’ as well as ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ during those protests. It’s ironic on their part to support the criminals when they are supposed to be the custodians of law and justice.

As per several reports that appeared in media ‘the rape was intentionally directed at nomadic community to create fear psychosis and the child was targeted to achieve the aim. It was conspiracy and pre planned murder and rape involving some top brass officials and Temple Guard as well. This charge is a clarion call and the way the crime was committed is a ploy to create chaos and ruckus. T

The New York Times dedicated a full article highlighting the details of the gruesome act. Similarly many other publications as well as newsrooms took up the case and gave detailed to people who in turn were shocked to know the horrific manner in which this little angel was raped and murdered.

The case demands a free and fair trial not the political statements of national conference or PDP or whatsoever. The sooner the case is brought to logical end the better it’s for society to safeguard the future. Otherwise the brutality is on its inflexion point where everyone would appear to be a rapist and everyone else a victim.

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