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VOX POPULI: Kashmir’s changing weather patterns

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                        Illustration By: S Tariq

Snowless winter in various parts of Kashmir; record hottest  March and now recent advisory of authorities for  farmers  not to cultivate paddy, a water-intensive crop, has  stirred a debate about climate change and changing weather patterns in Kashmir.

Idrees Ali of Kashmir Images spoke to a cross section of people who unanimously felt that climate change is a reality Kashmir too is face to face with.

Abdul Hamid

Agricultural Extension Assistant

We are witnessing serious climate changes in Kashmir. It is effecting agricultural, horticulture and floriculture sectors to a great extent. Drought like conditions appearing presently in Kashmir will reduce water level in all major and minor streams, nalas, lakes and ponds which in turn will reduce availability of water for irrigation purposes thus create a major threat to  crops growing under irrigated conditions especially paddy and vegetables. Hence we should take some important steps to mitigate it by a contingency plan in order to have an alternative to minimize the loss.

Sheikh Matloob


Climate change is global phenomenon. Kashmir is too affected by climate change. Green house gases are major cause of global warming. Kashmir is not an advanced industrialized region. We don’t contribute much to global pollution. But industrialized advanced countries need to reduce green house emission to save this planet.

Rafia Rahim

Radio Jockey

It is evident from the fact that there has been a very unusual weather pattern in the valley. Since the snowfall has lowered and glaciers are also losing mass that directly leads to reduced flows in rivers  The main reason could be the emissions of high black carbon due to increasing biomass and fossil fuel burning in the valley.


Hakeem Rouf


Recent weather patterns are some clear indicators of Climate Change in our state. Climate change poses a serious threat to our fragile ecosystem and it  is also going to have adverse effects on the food production and economy of the state. People are not aware about causes of climate change. Campaigns should be started in Kashmir by government and civil society to aware people about climate change and solutions.


Ishfaq Ahmad


We have been observing change in climate from past many years. I think deforestation is one of the major cause of climate change in Kashmir. Forest cover in Kashmir has decreased to larger extent. Government is doing very little to save forests.


Advocate Altaf Lone

Social activist

I have heard from my grandparents that Kashmir used to receive abundant snowfall in winters but since two decades snowfall is decreasing year by year. We should change our lifestyle like using more public transport in order to decrease emission of gases which affect climate.



Fayaz Ahmad

Farm Owner

Advisory of government to shift paddy cultivation to other crop was a shocker for me. Paddy is our  stable food. We can’t  even think to replace it with other crop. We need to  change our ways. We have to protect our earth.


Seema Kazi


We had very little snowfall this winter. It is very unusual. Allah knows better what is going to happen in future. Climate change in Kashmir is a serious problem. We need to act earliest, otherwise we have to face natural calamities in near future.

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