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The killing spree in Kashmir has risen to dangerous levels: Soz

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Srinagar: While expressing serious concern over the civilian killings in Kullgam, Prof. Saifuddin Soz, former Union minister said the Modi Govt. must declare ceasefire and initiate talks, forthwith.

In a statement issued here today, Soz said that the people of Kashmir are raising a question as to how long Modi Govt. would allow the killings in Kashmir making it impossible to think of any democratic and electoral process in Kashmir, before the dispute is resolved.

“The continuous killings in Kashmir have caused unprecedented unrest in minds and people in Kashmir, in one voice, seek an answer from the Modi Govt. as to how long it intends to continue with the killing of civilian population in Kashmir along with others, who are also human beings,” Soz said.

The fact should also be known to Modi Govt. that a significant section of Army and para-forces also feel that bullets will never solve the problem while a meaningful dialogue will, said Soz.

“It is high time that the Modi Govt. decides to talk to Kashmir, particularly with the Hurriyat leadership, without any inhibitions and without losing any further time. In fact, Modi Govt. would be well advised at this stage of crisis to declare cease-fire in Kashmir, forthwith,” he added.

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