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SC decision on Art 370 reassuring: Nizamuddin Bhat

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Makes plea for sustainable resolution

Srinagar, April 04: The decision of Supreme Court holding Article 370 as a permanent feature of Indian Constitution sets at rest the controversy that it will be fiddled with or abrogated by any act of union government, senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat said today.

In a statement, Bhat said that the ruling from country’s highest constitutional forum comes as a greater relief as, in our opinion, it commands the national opinion to bind the establishment and political dispensations not to fiddle with it in any circumstances. “The decision does more to sense the national consensus on respecting the constitution as it values the significance of the Special Status granted to Jammu and Kashmir.”

Bhat said, the decision also binds parliament to maintain the sanctity of the constitution, though by implication and one can safely presume that law and state is firmly behind the constitutional position enshrined in the art. 370.

Bhat maintained that PDP has always believed that constitutional guarantees help trust-building, these are not the final answer to commitments made to people of the state at the time of joining the union of India.

He said the case for resolution of the Kashmir problem remains despite the decision, which would deserve a larger political approach. He said peace and resolution have been a slogan ever since partition and division of the state. “Several experiments have failed in this direction as India, Pakistan and people of Jammu and Kashmir did not arrive at a consensus on establishing relationships that could sustain.”

Bhat said PDP as a responsible ideological party did facilitate both India and Pakistan in its humble way to come together for a shared role in having sustainable peace in the region and continues with its efforts. The party reiterates its resolve to help the stakeholders in putting end to the confrontation.

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