Muslim women in UK told to hide hijabs, stay indoors ahead of ‘Punish a Muslim Day’

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Islamabad, Apr 03: Ahead of ‘Punish a Muslim Day’, women in the United Kingdom have been warned to hide their hijabs and avoid going alone to pick up their children from school, reported the ‘Daily Mail’.

Several WhatsApp messages circulating in Islamic communities have warned people about going outside and are encouraging them to lock their doors properly as April 03 is the day chosen to carry out acts of violence against Muslims.

Last month counter-terrorism police in the UK began an investigation after people across the country reported receiving an anonymous letter advocating violence against Muslims.

One WhatsApp message explained the shocking propaganda letter in full, including details about the ‘points system,’ encouraging torture, acid attacks, arson of mosques and assaults, reported the ‘Mirror’.

“This is not a joke its sick plan they have a pointing system where they will be giving points and reporting on a site with videos etc punishments include taking off hijabs…beating up and even acid throwing,” the message read.

The points system detailed in the original letter said 10 points would be awarded if you “verbally abuse a Muslim”, or 2500 points for “nuking Makkah.”

Other sickening acts included 50 points for throwing acid in a Muslim’s face and 1000 points for bombing or burning a mosque.

The WhatsApp message further read, “even though police say they are acting on it.. leaflets have been posted through doors in east London and kids have heard about it.”

In another WhatsApp message, Muslim women were advised to walk in groups of three or four when taking their children to school. They were also asked to try and hide their hijab with a hat or coat as one act on the ‘list’ is pulling hijabs off women, the ‘Mirror’ reported.

“Try as much as you can to hide the hijab with hats,” the message said, adding that they should “avoid stopping if someone asks a question, in particular if it is out of public view.”

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