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No discrimination with Sopore, having JD office in  Baramulla govt decision: MLA Bla

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MLA Baramulla Javid Hassan Beigh

Baramulla, Mar 22: Refuting the charges “discrimination with Sepore”, MLA Baramulla Javid Hassan Beigh on Thursday said Barmaulla has its history and importance as a district headquarter and that is why government established Education department’s Joint Director’s office here.

Talking to reporters at a press briefing at Dakbanglow Baramulla, Beigh said it was the government decision and commitment of Education Minister Mohammad Altaf Bukhari with the people of Baramulla to establish the Education Joint Director’s office at Baramulla.

“There are some people who want to divide the people of Sopore and Baramulla town for their vested interest, but we will not allow anyone to do so,” he said.

He added that in Sopore too there are several important government offices and the people of Baramulla have never raises any objections to it as people know that Baramulla and Sopore are the eyes of the same face.

“There are several offices in Sopore like ARTO office, Electric sub-division and others which doesn’t mean that we will shift them to Baramulla. However, being a district headquarter, Baramulla has its own importance and it was government order that Education department’s Joint Director for north Kashmir should be placed at district headquarter Baramulla,” he clarified.

Beigh added that some people are making a huge hue and cry alleging that MLA Baramulla has shifted the office from Sopore to Baramulla, which is not true as the official had not joined in any place at Sopore.

“Yes he visited several schools on his very first day and then reached Baramulla where he inaugurated his office and officially joined here” Beigh said.

He also said that he wants more development in Sopore town “because they are our own people and I will be the first person who will be happy if government will declare Sopore as district in future.”

“Sopore and Baramulla are the two eyes of one face, they are our brothers, relatives and friends, and I am not against the development of Sopore town” Beigh said.

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