Today: Jun 25, 2024

BJP ‘lying factory’ at work again: Rahul

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New Delhi, Mar 23: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today said the BJP’s “lying factory” was at work again, stymieing a media story on Cambridge Analytica allegedly being paid to sabotage the Congress by spinning “fake news” of the party working with the data firm instead.

Picking up from where he left off yesterday, Gandhi today again accused the BJP of making the real news “vanish” by accusing the Congress of working with the controversial firm charged with stealing data from Facebook.

BJP lying factory at work: Journalist set to break big story on how Cambridge Analytica (CA) was paid to infiltrate and sabotage the Congress in 2012. BJP rushes Cabinet Minister to lie and spin fake news: Congress worked with CA! Real story vanishes, Gandhi said on Twitter.

He also tagged a media report headlined, ” ‘Whistleblower’ Reveals Cambridge Analytica’s India Link”.

The Congress and the BJP are engaged in a slinging match with each accusing the other of using the services of the controversial data analytics firm in previous elections.

Yesterday, Gandhi alleged that the government was managing headlines to deflect attention from issues such as the death of 39 Indians in captivity in Iraq and said the government was baiting the media.

“Problem: 39 Indians dead; Government on the mat, caught lying. Solution: Invent story on Congress and Data Theft. Result: Media networks bite bait; 39 Indians vanish from radar. Problem solved,” Gandhi had tweeted.


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