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Rahul takes dig at PM amid reports of China’s new route to Doklam

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 New Delhi, Mar 21 :Amid reports of China opening up a new route to reach South Doklam, Congress president Rahul Gandhi today asked whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi would react to the development through ‘hugplomacy’, by blaming the defence minister or crying in public.

“In Doklam, it’s China season again. How will Modi Ji react this time?

“1. Hugplomacy. 2. Blame RM. 3. Cry in public. 4. All of the above,” tweeted Gandhi.

He also tagged a news report with the tweet that claimed China was quietly and cleverly finding a new route to South Doklam, seven months after India stopped Chinese construction activities in the area lying between Tibet’s Chumbi Valley to the north, Bhutan’s Ha Valley to the east and the Indian state of Sikkim to the west.

Gandhi and his party have been attacking the prime minister and his government over the Doklam issue due to the Chinese build-up there.





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