Mohammad Shoaib

JKPSC – A Rustic Camouflage (KAS EXAM, 2016)

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Everyone in his life has a dream to live with. Same is the case with me (Scholar turned KAS aspirant). I have my own story to reveal for this unusual shift. This dabbler scholar somehow managed to complete his research after getting registered in 2014 in the Department of history University of Kashmir after my PG from the same university. It is like you want to do something, your dreams are big, but you need the right path and the right guidance. Every civil service aspirant faces the same problem in its inception. He goes to every website online, every institute he has heard of, buys every new book in the market to ensure he clears. Very few find the right path, the right mentor and feasible circumstances. Unabated and terrible unrest around us turns our intentions upside down. May Almighty save us from these bizarre experiences in future!

Talking about my life, it is full of aw, and pain, if life permits, I would nurture it to public with elaboration at appropriate time. The story of pain began during my post PG phase. Obnoxious experiences and miserable life of those days compelled me to have an alternative career of much glory and grace. Thus I made my mind in 2016-17 to go for KAS exam much after the motivating lectures from my family and friends. I submitted my form for this exam during the appalling summer of 2016. The scheduled time of the exam got deferred due to turbulence in the valley. So I decided to leave my PhD after my M.phil submission to devote wholly and solely for this prestigious exam. I opted for history as an optional. History a little tricky subject in preliminary stage, but managed to perform well in its first tier. It softened the gates for next tier. After the prelims we the unlucky aspirants of 2016 submitted our forms for Mains exam. I tabbed to remain deep inside my room without giving any ear to the mundane world and started to make my friendship with my curtained room. No other exam appealed me during this venture, but the drama of rescheduling, delaying and all put us in strange situation. We suffered a lot because of the administrative lacunae, if there wouldn’t have been any loophole from JKPSC’s side, nothing could have hampered the way of conducting a smooth exam. The insane decisions taken by the JKPSC were uncharacteristic in nature. We wonder how this democratic institution can malfunction time and again. It has created a gap and trust deficit among the public. Its chairman known for his purity honest behaviour have shown that he is a suffering from adamancy syndrome. I’m still in obsession how this stalwart can take shaky and inconsiderate decisions particularly related to this KAS 2016 exams.We can’t hash up the things when the matter remains pending in courts. It is not easy for the aspirants to focus on time and again, after too much uncertainties hanging over. These structures of public importance need to work much in the interest of the public. People always expect good from these upper structures. JKPSC should keep this thing in mind that the candidate should be in a position to perform well in this exam rather than otherwise. Wishes of the aspirants should be never put into oblivion. Rustic approach to deal with critical events should be incinerated in thin air so to swing the stylish outcomes. By burning mid night oil to perform well and then you listen about the suspension is not ideal for consolidated reading. In order to compensate the loss the authority of much eminence comes with an illogical and anti preparation revised datasheet just to put the whole efforts of the aspirants into sludge. Nevertheless, aspirants manage the things accordingly and get ready.

The most important thing, I believe during the era of much crisis, is to never lose the enthusiasm. When I used to think of giving up, I would tell myself – “Anyway, what would you do after 6? Eat out, watch TV, be on Facebook (occasionally) this is better, at least you are learning something!” That helped me to be enthusiastic with the least expectations hitherto. But an ability to cut through distraction and negative energy is one of the best marks of a leader/aspirant in every situation. Focus on making the journey better and productive, and take this from someone who has gone through this – the goal will take care of itself. My motivation and steak towards my goal are my friends (who are already at peak positions), my family. Speaking out the unevenness of KAS, 2016 has discouraged and demotivated me to achieve my goal. It hampered the efficiency of my life. Being able to insulate yourself from your environment is vital for success. Family functions, friends’ marriages, love /break up, etc. can be different reasons for distraction, but to avoid such things can’t be a longer affair. It can be avoided only upto certain extent.

We have no option left rather than to demonstrate perseverance and persistence when there is controversy still looming over. In any competitive exam candidates go through an emotional turmoil in their respective lives during their preparation phase. Nobody other than they know what are they going through in their life and since they  are already going through a lot of sufferings, aspirants don’t even make an attempt to make the other person understand.

Very few aspirants can be able to get through from this uncertain phase. Now it demands lot of patience and strength. The unended rupture sometimes damages the confidence of the candidates, although they are highly capable. We should build on our confidence and bounce back. This exam is tough not because of the study alone, it is tough because of the emotional and psychological turmoil which an aspirant goes through in the long period of preparation. Winners are those who do not let their consistency get effected by the psychological and emotional pressure. We know the worth of this exam and the services, once we get into civil services not just for the sake of job but with a vision to do something good for people. It is very unfortunate that the same zeal and zest is missing in JKPSC. It always wants to deteriorate our planning and preparations. While preparing for this exam we got depressed and frustrated but this time we need to think “why we are preparing for this exam?” The answer of this question should be the reason for our motivation and carry on. This exam so far has hit us hard, in that process most of us are yet to develop any strategy for upcoming exams. We are also in flux regarding our upcoming Naib Tehsildar Exam, whether to prepare only for NT or KAS is a much burning issue among the aspirants. We invoke some divine and expert guidance (advice) on this matter cordially.

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