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“Adhere to traffic rules to avoid making things difficult for yourself”

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IG Traffic reaches Srinagar

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Traffic J&K, Basant Kumar Rath

Srinagar, March 20: Inspector General of Police (IGP) Traffic J&K, Basant Kumar Rath who arrived here on Tuesday appealed people to avoid making things complicated for them by violating traffic laws.

Rath during his maiden interaction with media in Srinagar said: “There is no Sunday no holiday, rain or snow, everyday is a working day for me, therefore I appeal people to adhere to traffic rules so as to avoid making things difficult for them,” said Rath.

The IGP said that his primary focus would be to put higher-ups in the government right if found involved in violating traffic rules.

“Let me assure you that my primary focus would be the higher-ups in the government and then locals. I am not going to compromise on anything come what may,” he said referring to the CRPF vehicle, which was fined by him recently.

Basant Kumar Rath also admitted that traffic department lacks manpower but that doesn’t stop him to move to old city for streamlining traffic.

“The issue of less manpower was taken up during a meeting. Since it’s our duty to implement traffic rules in letter and spirit we will be focusing on old city areas as well,” said Rath.

While replying to a query as to whether he will be able to move to old city given prevailing security concerns, he said, “leave it to me.”

On being asked as to why he doesn’t wear uniform, Rath replied “I have the permission of DG to not to wear it. If I will wear uniform, I will be easily identified. I have 40 sets of Nike track suits,” he said.

“For me, everyone is equal whether the person owns car worth 24 lakh rupees or 4 lakhs. Everyone is bound to follow rules be it a Minister, Bureaucrat or a commoner,” said Rath.

Coming down heavily on auto-rickshaw and passenger bus drivers for taking people for a ride, he said, “I have learnt that drivers often resort to hooliganism and violate traffic norms, they will be made accountable and it would be mandatory for them to be in proper uniform hereafter.”

On overloading and female passenger seat issue, Rath said there would be no compromise vis-à-vis seats reserved for ladies.

“Buses are often overloaded that makes ladies to face problems while traveling in buses, my priority would be to ensure no lady is without seat in the overloaded buses as this is the question of supply and demand,” said the IGP.

Rath also admitted that corruption and preconception has affected the traffic department as well.

“I cannot overrule corruption in the department, but as far as present status of traffic department is concerned it has slowed down to a huge extent. To set system right, I need time,” IGP traffic added.

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