Younus Rashid

KU’s UG Admission Process Is A Mental Torture

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Recently when Kashmir University announced admission process for undergraduate courses, in different colleges of Kashmir, I checked the KU website for filling online form, but unfortunately on giving my pervious board’s registration number it conveyed me that, “you have to go the IT section of college for submitting it successfully”. KU started this admission process on 26th of February which lasted till 14th of March and according to this schedule, students were supposed to submit the form within 16 days. Given the frequent shutdown calls in Kashmir, this stipulated time of 16 days – for filling the admission form – was not enough.

On reaching the college, I witnessed a long queue of students and asked one of the student that what was he waiting for? He told me, “I couldn’t download the registration form from outside internet cafes and we have to download the same from here”. I also got into same queue and few minutes later, more students came. I joined this queue at 11 am and kept waiting in the queue for my turn till 3 PM. I left it there, I was feeling hungry, and getting irritated, but to no avail… it was the last day for filling the online forms. Many students were of the opinion that KU will extend dates for submission of forms. Next day I checked the website and found that the registration link was closed, however, at around 2 pm, I received a call from my friend who he told me that the registration link has been opened. He rushed to college and called me once again that, “don’t come today as the official is busy  with some other work.”

Later, they were told that we can only take a few registrations today and those who were not able to register today, should come tomorrow. The next day, I along with other students was waiting in the queue, and clouds draped the sky and it started drizzling, my clothes got wet, along with my bag full of documents, which was slung over my shoulders. The students were pushing each other back and forth as the rain was falling on them. I was not able to submit my form on this day too.

Another day, I woke up early in the morning and prepared myself to reach the college at 10 am and thought this day is turning out to successful in getting admission. After one and a half of waiting in the queue, I got my turn to get the registration form from IT section counter by paying 30 rupees. Now, I was supposed to choose the subjects and for this I had to be in line again and the next step was to get the bank Challan copy from outside internet café and then I had to go and find JKBANK branch and submit the fee there. Back to college again in queue for submitting fees there as well but through card swipe machine by using ATM’s. The last step is to submit the all prescribed documents along with fees receipts at another counter.

Conclusion: KU must make the admission process easy by allowing all students to submit the registration forms online. In addition, the IT sections of the colleges, which deal with the admission processes should have multiple counters.

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