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Pak SC orders all political advertisements, banners to be removed by April 4

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Islamabad, Mar 17: Pakistan Supreme Court on Saturday ordered for all advertisements, signboards and panaflex with pictures of politicians to be removed.

During the hearing of hanging of political banners and advertisements, the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar said that information of all the signboards which feature pictures of politicians be presented in court.

“Newspapers and televisions already run so many advertisements with pictures of politicians, there are even political figures in the government’s posters at polling stations,” he observed.

The CJP then stated that whether images are of previous politicians or current ones, they will not be featured on governmental advertisements. “All such advertisements need to be removed and their cost value be returned to the national exchequer,” he ordered.

The court then gave a deadline of April 4 to remove the images of all political personalities from government-owned signboards, panaflex, and said that henceforth, no politicians will be featured on such platforms. “National treasury won’t pay for their pictures to be displayed,” he added.

The court ordered the chief secretary to present the process of execution by April 4, saying that all details of all advertisements and money be submitted under oath. Chief secretary replied saying that the report will be submitted by the deadline.

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