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Tuition Phobia in Kashmir; More about fashion than the education

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Education doubtlessly is growing at an astonishing pace all over the world. Whether it be the addition of technologies or introduction of new initiatives, education system surely is taking more stabling shape every new day.

Likewise our homeland, Kashmir too has witnessed plenty of changes in education system over the years. No doubt about the growth and development taking shape, but at the same time when we look at the other negative aspects, one mostly forgets the positives.

These other aspects include one of the most popular activity, which I would rather call a trend known as ‘tuitions’.

What it actually means?

The dictionary meaning of tuitions is, “gathering of knowledge from a guide”, but its connotation is lot different in Kashmir.

Here, it means, “a necessary exercise without which a student can do nothing in any academic or competitive examination.”

It may sound bit awkward but it is the bitter truth. It’s exactly what almost all the students and parents believe here.

While tuitions may be a substitute activity for students at other places, but here it is so called ‘must’ for every student.

Doesn’t matter whether the student is part of any prime private school or some local government institute, you would see everyone opting tuitions over school. The reason though remains unknown.

After consulting lot of students and from personal experience, I came to the conclusion that it is more about following the trend than acquiring the education.

No doubt, I may be wrong but when we look and observe the reality of tuitions, we probably end at the negative side.

Apart from decreasing the interest and faith of students in schools, the term ‘tuition’ is no less than a curse for the students who belong to unprivileged families as they fail to afford and follow this trend, most of them give up before they could start.

Moreover, lots of students who come with good confidence after doing well in matriculation, found themselves in trouble as they reach to secondary part.

This is hugely because they get mingled with the irksome tuition schedules. Firstly, attending early morning classes then the school hours and later the evening shift.

In this process they remain outside home for more than 9 hours which results in cynical effects on their physical as well as mental health. It also weakens their concentration and confidence.

There may be some positives of tuitions as well but if not preceded in systematic manner, tuitions here in Kashmir will remain more about following the trend than acquiring the education.

To drive people to the virtuous ways, I was

Full of inadequacy, you made me

To sparkle the world, I was

Lightless, you made me

To prevail humanity to the humans, I was

Inhumane, you made me

To eliminate the cupidity, I was

Play of money, you made me

Education, I was

Fashion, you made me!

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