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Kashmir internationally acknowledged political problem awaiting amicable resolution: Hakeem Yaseen

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Jammu: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has expressed strong reservations over the latest statements of  some mainstream political parties on the genesis of Kashmir imbroglio saying Kashmir is an internationally recognised political issue which awaits amicable resolution since last several decades.

In a statement issued to press Sunday afternoon, Hakeem Yaseen said that it was most unfortunate that some leaders are giving ambiguous statements over the genesis of Kashmir issue to sell it for their personal gains notwithstanding the fact that such utterances may cause further uncertainty and alienation among the masses especially youth of the state.

He said such mainstream parties should go for self introspection to know that people of the state are  mature enough who cannot be usurped to satiate their personal agenda.

He advised such mainstream leaders to come out of the illusion that Kashmiris could be again sold out as it was sold earlier by deceiving the trust and faith of the Kashmiri people.

Hakeem Yaseen made it emphatically clear that Kashmir issue is an internationally admitted  live political issue which awaits a peaceful and dignified resolution through a sustained process of dialogue and reconciliation between the leadership of India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir.

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