Mushtaque B Barq

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In disguise how a dove crow can be

Beneath its belly many serpents live

Replacing ragged cloaks with a new

Coat, hiding old smears a few.

How hard it is to believe that man can be a beast. Monsters may think thrice before killing anyone from their own race, but Alas! Man has reached to pinnacle in dealing with his own race. He spares none. Why should he, he can slice any human heart to add to his bank balance as if to carry forward from this world to the other. How ordinary it is from the part of a man who misuses his official rank for the sake of money. Why money has turned a man from being a symbol of kindness to represent brutality. Money has power to heal, it is a life support and above all it is the need of man on the earth, but why it has to be earned illegally. Why one has to limit the growth of others who wait for a chance to earn for his family. Why on the earth one has to find a pathway leading to midnight millionaire club who only knows how to grab it, how to earn it without efforts and honesty.

Honesty, a hymn echoing in the cosmos

How come the projections ears be

When in thy own nation ye banned the musicians

Drums and flutes may not reach to all

For we need to fashion their ears

Devoid of senses, a better listener never can be.

There are people who earn honestly and live a better life than those who worship money. Wealth cannot and has never delayed death. Wealth is not proportional to happiness. One can be happy even without luxury. Man has become victim of his own feeble and effortless loops from which he can escape. His involvement in the loop further distorts his ideology which in reciprocation interweaves irresistible temptation that only knows how to find gates of lavishness. What encourages him to widen the borders of his imagination to reach to a place where man and beast shares plate and politics is lust for power. How can a man who dwells among fiends realize the necessity of a young man who is eager to mechanize his idea for the race, who is willingly ready to carry the Herculean task over his feeble shoulders for the promotion of human race, who surrenders his comforts and precious sleep to earn a place, much honoured place in the society of which he is indispensable part.

What good it be to think

In a cell and diffuse it down

For darkness anyway vanishes

With streaks of light feeble or strong.

Corruption no doubt, can make you wealthy but what is the fun of earning when one has to surrender before the court of law as a mark of shame. Money brings humiliation to those who earn it illegally. How can an official overlook the predicaments of the general people who are ruthlessly being butchered by politics and military might. How can he engage his mind to find innovative routes to exhaust the human resource by placing tainted aspirants on the prestigious benches at professional colleges? Credibility can create avenues but hypocrisy a gang. Once this lobbyism is set, a common man becomes a scapegoat, a wanton boy’s game and more seriously a victim of misfortune.

Man, a product of mundane mirth

Knows his worth, his noble birth

How long a crow can sing on the earth?

When a storm knows how to take away filth.

If it is the outcome of books and knowledge, who would love to honor them. But one must bear in mind that books enhance wisdom to those who honor them and the same book can ruin a human mind if that guides a reader to rename  the word amoral under the guidance and directions of diplomats. How much time a man needs in his life, how much land he needs to live? A single room can be a comfortable home if love, fellow feeing and honesty dwell along.  A palace fails to console if it is devoid of love. Deserts look ugly to those who live in valleys but to a sand dweller plains are equally ugly.  A man often fights for an inch by destroying an acre. What good such tactics can diffuse down the line?

Man has discovered many new ways of corruption but has never tried to consolidate his position as a human being on the earth. May God turn the hearts of those whose hearts are infertile to understand the need of his brethren.

Love and compassion two rivers of a nation

One serves a poor and saints other

Sinners may go and take a bath

For flowing water knows its path

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