Towseef Ahmad

Standpoint Feminism

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Feminism represents and embodies an enlightening canvass of female rights and the feminist epistemology. The communication styles among the feminist youth and women and the growing of the newer forms of lifestyles protects the feminist sociability from the exploitative and illegitimate transgression. The socially constructed feminities should therefore tend to follow the moral values of identity in accordance with the recognized universal notions. The cue should be taken from the existential representation of the womanhood at the international plane and its allied standards. The overarching assertions which integrate the moral values of universal standards in the light of the ecofeminist, tech salience and assertive paradigms provide a working development of the feministic thought. The foci of the feminism is therefore the constitutive value of the emancipation of the rights of women and feminist youth.This is the core of the enamour of social change and the beauty of the modern feminism.

Thence the social change should be created through the transdisciplinary methods in the light of the communicative ethical boon interfacing feminism and cultural relativism in the context of the structural conceptualization of feminist interests and associative obligations through the touchstone of the mediated changes of political morality. The consensus is on the activism and cooperative standards. Thence the distorted mirror of representations and assumptions should give way to the interactive paradigms of reality and pragmatic standards. It is the socio-constructivist paradigms which could provide the better framework for women in the areas such as health and the economic and social status. Thence the need is to create such an agency, political will and the spatial cultural capital which would ensure the safety of the women both at home and at the workplace.

The dignity of the women is evidently distinct from the constitutional resonance of rights itself and the international conventions and standards, the need is to provide adequate and safe working conditions for the women so that the boom of the technology shall grow and expand manifold in the future. The upward social mobility of the women and access to technological avenues has been instrumental in the socio-economic variables around the world. The standpoint and central view will lie in the protective discrimination and cognitive social habits of the constitution that has guaranteed a high place to the status and dignity of the women, which is nowadays voiced through beti bachao beti padhao. Therefore the explicit and the implicit narrative shall empower the women in all her endeavours and legitimate aspirations.

Therefore the women should be given all the avenues and opportunities and the tables should be turned to protect her from sexual abuse and excesses against her dignity by enforcing the relevant laws and global standards effectively. In the same vein, while considering the standpoint feminisim from the double perspectives of normativity and contingency effect should be given to the positive considerations for the realization of the aspirations of women according to dignified morality and in accordance with the thought realm of modernday roles. It is because of the women that the reflection of the new worlds is created.

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