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Diversity key to resilience and success: Trudeau

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New Delhi, Feb 24 :Diversity is a key to resilience and success, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today and also emphasised on empowerment of women.

Addressing the United Nations Young Changemakers Conclave 2018, Trudeau also laid emphasis on sustainable development and said a strong economy cannot be built unless the environment is protected.

He said the G-7 meeting, to be held in his country in June this year, will have two extra themes on ‘gender’ and ‘oceans’, and plastic’.

The theme on ‘gender’ will focus on empowerment of women while ‘oceans and plastic’ will discuss the menace of plastic, he said.

The G7 comprises Canada, the UK, the US, France, Italy, Germany and Japan.

Trudeau said diversity creates new solutions and systems which are more multi-layered do much better than “mono-cultures”.

“Diversity, pluralism brings together different experiences, different background and different stories. That matters. Nature, itself, understands that diversity is a key to resilience, success,” he said.

The Canadian prime minister often speaks about the diversity, multi-culturalism and pluralism in his country.

Pushing for empowerment of women, he said, “When we empower (them), women grow. This will help in shaping business communities and politics for the better.”

Trudeau, who calls himself a feminist, has 50 per cent men and 50 per cent women in his Cabinet.



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