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Nawaz deems elected PM above the law: Imran

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Monday that Nawaz Sharif considers an elected prime minister as above the law. He said the people would tell whether reforms have taken place in police, health and education or not.

In a series of messages on the social media, Imran wrote, “yesterday Nawaz Sharif made clear his idea of democracy and of a PM heading a democratic govt was where the PM is above the law of the land after being elected. He can money launder, evade taxes, conceal assets, lie before parliament – all corruption is permissible coz PM is elected!

“Nawaz as usual also held forth with a litany of lies about KP govt. Fact is there are 350 micro hydel stations completed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa — all NS had to do was to send his paid hacks to chk this out! As for police, health and education reforms – all NS had to do was to talk to KP people!”

Moreover, Imran claimed that according to Nawaz’s notion of democracy, “the elected PM can abuse all state institutions, storm SC with his party hoodlums, give judges briefcases full of money — with no questions asked and no law applied because an elected PM is above the law of the land!”

Imran boasted about the KP government’s ‘Billion Tree Tsunami’ campaign, saying the World Wildlife Fund audited the programme, the Bonn Challenge commended the KP government and International Union for Conservation of Nature acknowledged its success. “Such ignorance on part of NS is shameful!” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the PTI strongly condemned what it called the horse-trading for the upcoming Senate elections and decided to bring into open the ‘crooks involved in it’. PTI

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