Dr Amjad Ayub Mirza Mirza

Kashmir: The bleeding wound of British imperialist legacy

Neither Juggler nor integral!

  Naeem Bhat, a peaceful anti-war protestor succumbed to his injuries on 21 March in the Intensive Care Unit of PIMS hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan. He was seriously wounded in Pakistani administered Kashmir (PaK) when police opened fire during an anti-war rally held on 16 March near the Line of Control (LoC), the cease-fire line […]

 Rana Safvi

The Sufi dargah passes no judgement, welcomes all

The Sufi dargah passes no judgement, welcomes all

As the ‘urs’ or death anniversary of Moinuddin Chishti, among the greatest Sufi masters the world has ever seen, comes around again, I was reminded of how Sufi khanqahs (hospices) and dargahs are not only sacred spaces but also welcoming spaces, without any restrictions of religion, caste or class. This is why people started flocking […]

 Udayan Mukherjee

Why India is a growing economy but an unhappy nation

If people don’t earn enough, don’t have jobs they like, worry about their health, cannot trust others or the State, and are not free to make their choices, how can they be happy?

As the world celebrated Happiness Day on March 20, we were informed by the United Nations that India is one of the least happy nations on the planet. We rank 122 out of 155 countries, easily the worst in South Asia, with only the poorest African nations below us on the list. One can almost […]

 A.G. Noorani

A hawkish doctrine

A hawkish doctrine

Modi’s NSA doesn’t believe in friendly relations.

STATES have an image of themselves that inspires their policies in the global order. A basic principle that governs their foreign policy emerges. For centuries, Britain adhered to the principle of balance of power in Europe. It required the country to ensure that no power emerged on the continent that was more powerful than all […]

 KI News

Tibet is not a card

India must refresh its overseas China policy and its domestic engagement with the Tibetan community

By: Suhasini Haidar The government’s bid to ease tensions with China has been met with some criticism, particularly over a leaked memo to officials telling them to stay away from events that commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s 1959 flight to India. This has led to the cancellation of several public events related […]

 Ramzy Baroud

Israel without Netanyahu: Five possibilities

Israel without Netanyahu: Five possibilities

Regardless of Netanyahu’s political future, Israeli policies towards Palestinians will remain unchanged, leaving Palestinians with the urgent responsibility of developing their own unified political strategy

If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exits his post as a result of several scandals and serious corruption charges, then good riddance. The man is responsible for the killing of thousands of Palestinians. Moreover, he composed and led a government coalition of right wing and ultranationalist zealots whose main mission in politics is to further […]

 Amna Ejaz Rafi

Soft power in countering extremism

  In today’s globalised world, a new way of life has emerged in which distances have been reduced and interactions have become brisker and livelier in the wake of geographical access and broadband interconnectivity. The transnational world has also brought in new forms of vulnerabilities and insecurities. The use of media, in particular, has in […]

 Mubashir Iqbal Kitaba

A Homage To Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi (RA)

A Homage To Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi (RA)

Two persons were exchanging hot words in a street of Konya. Both were abusing each other. One was saying, “O cursed, if you would utter a single abuse against me, you would get ten in return”. Maulana Rumi (RA), who happen to pass by, heard their argument. Addressing them he said: “Brothers! Whatever store of […]

 Nur Sufi Sufi

Islamic Feminism: Free Will Is a God Given Right

  For many people of the current millennium, an understanding of the term ‘Islamic feminism’ is limited to the long-drawn out battle for female driving in Saudi Arabia. While the recent breakthrough was an iconic victory for Islamic feminists of the modern age – not only resulting in the lifting of the driving ban but […]

 Niloofar Qureshi

The ‘Kantoreks’ of Kashmir

The ‘Kantoreks’ of Kashmir

In his famous novel ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ published in 1922, World War I veteran Erich Maria Remarque brought out the horrors and futility of war through the harrowing and heartrending experiences of a group of young school boys who were goaded by their teacher named Kantorek to enlist themselves in the Great […]