Today: Jun 19, 2024

Javaid Beigh

3 years ago

Return of the Taliban

Even as we enter the eve of 10th day of Muharram, colloquially known as Ashura, the day that commemorates martyrdom of Imam Hussain (RA) in the battle of Karbala, another battle took
3 years ago

Justice to the marginalized!

10th of August was marked yesterday as a “Black Day” by Dalit Muslim and Dalit Christian communities of India to protest against a Presidential Order passed in 1950 by Dr. Rajendra Prasad,

Let’s not obstruct statehood for J&K Please!

It has been Kashmir’s great misfortune that whenever, there are windows of opportunities for the return of permanent and sustainable peace and stability in Kashmir valley, there are artificially manufactured obstacles created
3 years ago

Return of Politics in Kashmir, really?

Last few weeks in Kashmir valley have been ripe with floating of several conspiracy theories that arose due to unusual security force deployment in Kashmir valley, bringing back memories of the events
3 years ago

Middle East Again

The latest flare up between Israel and Hamas has once again brought focus of the world on one of the longest outstanding disputes in the post world war era. The flare up
3 years ago

Rise of Social Activism in Kashmir

Turmoil in Kashmir valley has unwittingly given birth to a culture of social activism, which has diversified over the years and is now playing an important supplementary role in checking the abuse
3 years ago

The Saga of pandemics

Today, when the humanity is grappling with the ever-growing deadly impact of Corona virus pandemic and as the death toll due to Covid-19 crosses a staggering 200,000 in India, which has claimed
3 years ago

Corona Comes Back!

As someone, who is currently recovering from a deadly bout of Coronavirus infection, I am saying this with the conviction of my own personal experience that the so called ‘second wave’ is
3 years ago

Kashmir’s lost opportunity

As a young aspiring Kashmiri Muslim candidate of a small sub regional Kashmir based political party with a background in management and journalism, I fought in the recently held DDC elections, the
3 years ago
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