Adopt #talsagharreybehtav*

Spring has arrived. Bestowing the much needed change, it has enveloped Kashmir in splendid vibrancy. We notice chinars dazzling, willows dipping branches in green, and the grass restored to its much awaited freshness. Once again, wastelands are replaced by meadows. This sounth (spring), as well, Kashmir continues to bathe in the glory of everything pure and innocent.  Removing curtains of indifference and waking up to a new tomorrow is the lesson we need to take from spring. Although, spring is also about surviving harsh circumstances at times to achieve, what is hopefully, a promising future.

At present, all over the world and now in our Valley too, despondency is inescapable. A ferocious pandemic has stolen our aim and maimed our effort. We are left alone to despair, permitting this state of affairs to affect our sanity. Some feel they are losing their way. But our path is not to be forgotten, neither the aspiration. This spring our wills are not to be shaken and hopes not shattered. We are a people who have fought tyrannous hurricanes of policy. We are not someone who are defeated easily.

So like a hero struggles, we should too. This villainous giant, here ironically a virus, won’t be a giant for too long. Not to us, no, because we will be the ones to bring it down. The more power of awareness we have, the more we can protect our people. And the best security right now is staying home, taking care of those who have less, declaring our travel history (mostly for those who think they can fool the authorities but forget they can’t cheat the disease), and breaking the chain of transmission. If precautions go unheeded, the virus alone cannot be blamed.

We also have to realize that the aim of this revolution, a revolution that involves all nations of the world, should be focused. This fight should be constant till we finally win. We should try not to throw away lives by being imprudent or unaware. We should face this calamity like a strong tree-unit, resolute, with roots firmly grounded. The face of this revolution should also be a change. A change from our self-serving ways to those of mutual respect and empathy.

A disheartening side-effect of being in quarantine is stress and depression due to minimal social contact. However, we can’t let this cloud our target. We have to counter-attack. A healthy mind rests in a healthy body and a healthy body is dependent on an intelligent mind. So, we need to be there for each other in every long-distance way possible. If enough of us act, it will work.

We need peace and health in this world, this place we enjoy our springs and autumns in. To protect this imperfect yet one of a kind world, the agenda should be safeguarding our people, all of our people, because it is they who make everything worthwhile.

{talsagharreybehtav (please stay home)}