My Journey into the realms of Islam

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By: Kaleem Sharma Qadri

I grew up in a well to do Hindu Brahmin family. My house was full of idols and pictures all over the walls. Whichever room you went in, you saw pics of hindu deities. Some of the famous names such a Shiva, Vishnu, Goddess of Kali and many more. Living in the western world I was a very challenged teenager. Challenged in the sense I had exposure to the so called western life at a very early age. Exposure to alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. Exposure to the saying you only live once as the the famous quote from Aleister Crowley, ‘Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.’

I had studied the Ramayana, the Sikh religion and the scriptures of the Jehovah witnesses at a very young age. I used to have a Jehovah’s Witness teacher named James that would come to my house and teach me the Bible and take me to the Kingdom Hall Church to listen to lectures. Occasionally, I would stand up in the church and quote things from the Bible when I was asked from the priest to do so my parents were very open in that sense and never stopped me from attending church, even though we were from a strict Hindu Brahmin background. It was during all this time as a young teenager, when I had been exploring , a family friend who was from Pakistani origin named Imran Anwar Khan came to our home. Imran had come to our home on the invitation of my mother. My mother thought he would be able to put some sense into me as and advise me as I was quite a messed up kid lol. However, prior to coming, he told her that the only way he had to advise was by the religion of Islam. She told him it was fine as I would learn something good. She didn’t realize what was about to come .But he warned her and said to her, ”If he comes to this path, not you or the entire world will be able to stop him from leaving this path”. My mom agreed and lo and behold, Imran was sitting in my home. He looked very different as he was wearing a Pakistani style salwar kameez. Something I hadn’t seen someone wearing before. Even his way of speaking and tone of his voice was very different. After we had introduced ourselves for some odd reason, the first question I asked him was, ”who do you pray to?”

He replied, ” Allah”. I was fascinated, as It was a name I had never heard of before. He left that day but would visit our home from time to time .

On one occasion, I expressed my zeal to him of learning his language. I told him,” I am fascinated by the letters of your language and want to learn it ”. He told me, ” it’s hard, but I will bring you a book”.  I came home one day from from school and I saw him sitting in my living room. He told me he had brought a gift for me. He handed me a book which said,’ ‘The Holy Quran’. I opened it and saw letters that looked like Urdu.  I asked him, ‘ is this the Bible in your language?’ He said, ‘its Quran’. I asked if was the Bible in Urdu? He replied , ‘no the Bible is different, this is the Quran’ . I was very excited to read it. I ran upstairs to my room and started reading. I read the first 3 chapters till the middle of Chapter Al Imran. Every time I was reading the verses, I kept thinking this is such a simple message to believe in, yet people are so arrogant they would rather be destroyed than do something as simple as to believe.  I also thought to myself, ‘I’m not like these people who are destroyed in these verses’ . I am a person of faith and I do believe even though I don’t understand it. I closed the book and went downstairs. Imran was still sitting in the living room . He asked me what I thought about the book? I told him it had seemed very strict and rigid. In the coming days and months, I continued reading the Qur’an on and off. Then,  March of that year, I had travelled with my family to Punjab India, and again I followed Mr Aleister Crawley’s quote,

‘Do as thou wilst…..’. I drank, smoked, danced and lived as if every moment was my last and this life is all we have.

I was just very happy to see my late grandfather Darshan Ram Kaushal and my late Grandmother Satya Kaushal.

In the following days we travelled on a pilgrimage to  Haridwar which is also a part of the Ganges River and other various temples in UP India. But I was not excited or engaged as I previously had been on this journey. I had already come to the temples a year before. It was a custom of my family to visit temples from time to time. Mind you, I had been baptised in a Hindu temple called Chintpurni, a major pilgrimage centre in UP when I was 5 years old. It was a ceremony of having my head shaved and bathed in milk. I cried alot lol. We also visited the Chintpoorni Temple on our pilgrimage. There were some temples we had to walk and climb mountains for hours before reaching the top. Once we reached the top we prostrated to an idol and received Prasad (Some holy sweets)

But there was one place on our pilgrimage that evoked something in me. It was a Sufi shrine called, ‘Peer Nigahe Wala’.

It was interesting because Hindus and Sikhs went there.  There were verses of the Quran in this shrine and in the Bazaar close to the shrine had gone back to my old ways while I was there smoking some potent marijuana. But I was still in deep thoughts about the religion of Islam and I was questioning it. I was questioning the substance in my hand. Was I allowed to smoke this stuff? I’m pretty sure many of the youths in UK and other parts of the world would make excuses today to prove how Halal it is lol. We were different back then. Kids these days, especially these millennials. Anyways.

After a month or so, we returned to my hometown Vancouver B. C. Imran Anwar Khan came to our house the very next day. We were sitting and talking generally about our India trip until I said to him, ‘I have a question? You keep talking about the religion and the Quran, but where did the Quran originate from? What’s the missing puzzle’?


Prior to that moment, I had never in my entire existence heard that name before.

That was the first time I had heard such a name in my life. I asked him who is he? He told me he was a Prophet. I asked him what that was?

He told me, a Prophet is someone like Jesus and Moses. I asked him if there were any books about him. He told me there was. I asked him to take me to the library as I want to read about him. So, he took me to the Vancouver Public Library. There, I took out two books on Prophet Muhammad and one of Imam Ghazali’s poetry.  One biography written by Muhammad Husayn Hayka and the other authored by Martin Lings. I came home very eager and started reading Muhammad Husayn Haykals written Biography.  It was strange and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was as if what I was reading was happening in my home. The Quraish and their ways and Makkah filled with idols. My house looked like what I was reading. I had read everything from Abraha al-Ashrah and how he tried to destroy Kabah, to Birth of Prophet Muhammad. Each chapter fascinated me more.  I read about the battle of Uhud, Badr, The Prophets Night Journey. In between my readings Imran would come to our house and make me listen to Sabri brothers songs . I remember he made me listen to “Balaghal ula be Kamalehi” which made me feel some sort of exctasy. There was so much passion and love the way Sabri brothers were singing . As the days went by I would spend time with friends in the day and at night read the life story of the Prophet. During that time, I saw a dream of a man who was speaking a language I didn’t understand. He was wearing all white and his words sounded like thunder. I was scared of him, but he approached me, smiled and walked away. I was learning new knowledge, but I wasn’t ready to fully accept the new religion because I felt obligated to follow the path of my ancestors. But I had read one story in the biography which made me think. The story of Syedana Maulana, Imam Ali and how he helped the Prophet and accepted his call in such a young age. His story was a very significant factor in helping me  later accept the religion of Islam.

When I got near the end I thought I finally found someone to do Pooja to! Somebody greater than Ram and Krishna together.  I thought as there is no image of him I will do his Pooja in my heart. Not long after, I had read  the biography til the end and realised the Prophet had left this world. Right there my heart changed and I knew this was the truth. Imran did not come back for many months, but when he did eventually come back, it was in Ramadan. Imran said he had to pray and so he washed himself and did ablution. He went into the room in basement of our home and started  his prayers. As I watched him, I joined him and made my first prostration to Allah. My first prostration was at Maghrib. I was only 15 and remember Imran telling me that I do not realise how lucky I am. That was the beginning of many challenges to come. Challenges of discrimination and being ridiculed by my family. Of trying to adjust with my beliefs in a non-Islamic home but by the blessings of Prophet and the will of Allah, I remained very consistent. My determination and faith led to a lot of my family members later accepting the religion of Islam. I do want to mention very briefly here, Shaykh Tahir Ul Qadri advised me on how to deal with my family. He changed my approach of Dawa and expanded my horizons. I have had constant consultations with him for the past ten years. If I can summarize the actual and main core reason of me coming to Islam, I don’t hesitate to say, I fell in love with the Prophet but my encouragement to accepting Islam came from Imam Ali.

After practicing Islam for more than 20 years I can honestly say I still have the same passion and thirst for knowledge and truth for the religion which I had when I first read the Biography of The Holy Prophet. Seeking and learning information about the Prophet’s Family and Sufism has only enhanced my understanding about the religion of Islam. I encourage everyone to try to understand the sole existence of Allah, The concept of Wahdat ul Wujud which has been taught to us by Muhammad Rasul Allah. Because nothing truly exists except Allah and everything shall perish except for the Prophet’s Beautiful Face.

Kaleem Sharma Qadri is a Hindu turned Muslim & lives in Edmonton, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]

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